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Born & raised in Kingston Jamaica, Shanna is a graduate of Wesleyan College where she majored in Psychology, Communications and English Literature and minored in Theatre. A life-long lover of the arts, Shanna went on to attend California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), where she earned an MFA in Acting.  Immediately following the completion of her master’s degree, Shanna went on to achieve YouTube superstardom with her own YouTube channel (HeyyoShanna), which in just over 2 years has garnered over 750,000 subscribers and 50 million video views.  She can be seen on upcoming episodes of "Marry Me," "Glee," and "Shameless," and will appear in the independent films "Teenage Cocktail", "Cleveland in the Rye", "OMG, We're in a Horror Movie" and "Last Call at Murray's".

Guest Starring on NBC's Marry Me.



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